Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva is a global insurance company based in London. Although many in the United Kingdom see Aviva as a new company, they've actually been around as far back as 1797 but have traded under the Norwich Union brand.

In June 2009 Aviva dropped its Norwich union brand and formally became Aviva. The change was supported by a £9 million advertising campaign to promote the rebranding.

Aviva is now the sixth largest insurance company in the world with £380 billion of funds under management shared between 53 billion customers. The group offers a massive range of products including car, life and home insurance.

The group's ‘Get the Aviva Deal' tag line really rings true when you look at their car insurance offerings. Their fully comprehensive insurance offers cover for loss, theft or damage to your car. If your car is under 12 months old when it gets damaged Aviva have a policy of replacing the car instead of repairing it to get their customers back on the road as soon as possible.

As with many car insurance policies, audio equipment, windscreens and personal belongings protection are also included in Aviva's deals but they also have some other great features.

Aviva offer any named drivers on their car insurance no claim discounts (NCD) so even if someone doesn't have car insurance but are a named driver on someone else's policy they could build up no claims discounts as long as they maintain a claim free record for at least a year. The discount can then be used on a future Aviva policy in their own name but cannot be used as a discount with another insurance company.

Another great feature is Aviva's driver confidence assistance. This is a unique feature that Aviva offers its car insurance customers to help them get back on the road after an accident.

Aviva recognise that its car insurance customers have had to work hard to build up their no claims discount. They now offer the ability to protect their no claims discount for life, no matter how many claims a customer makes, Aviva promises not to increase their premiums as a result of any claim as long as their customer holds fully comprehensive insurance and has at least 5 years no claims discount and has not had a ‘fault' claim for the last three years.

Aviva pride themselves in customer service and know how frustrating it can be having to chase up a claim, getting passed from person to person, department to department having to repeat the same thing over and over. Aviva offers its car insurance customers one point of contact. If you do have an accident, they will put you in touch with just one person who will be available until you car is back on the road. Aviva also have a nationwide network of approved garages that will carry out any repairs. All the work carried out is guaranteed for three years giving their customers the reassurance and peace of mind that their car will be repaired to the highest of standards.