Direct Line Car Insurance

As the television adverts say "we are not on price comparison websites" so if you want to know just how much direct line car insurance is going to be then you really need to go direct and check out the quotes on their website.

Direct Line is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group and was founded back in the early days when most of us went to insurance brokers in the high street to get quotes and let someone else do all the work face to face. It was started as a telephone service and was a pioneer in this part of the service and shook up the entire industry. Many of course followed up with the advent of the internet it's much easier to see just how cheap you can get car insurance by switching each year to the best that's available to you.

Although many people still like to deal with a person at the end of the telephone most of the cheapest rates available are actually found online. This is because of the massive savings of not having to hire telephone sales agents so all the savings that the company makes are passed directly onto yourself. To get a quote you just need information about your vehicle such as the registration number and about the people who are going to drive the car together with any endorsements on your driving licence such as speeding fines. All of these will affect your policy as well as the job you are doing and whether you are self employed or not.

Direct Line offers all the usual types of insurance from comprehensive cover to third party fire and theft. You may get multi car discounts if you own more than one car in your household and decide to insure them both or you may just need insurance for one day for a hire car perhaps or because you are selling or buying a new car. Direct Line has all this information on their website and is fully regulated by the FSA.

With direct line they offer all types of insurance products apart from car so you can get quotes on your home for contents and buildings cover as well as life and illness cover.

You can earn up to 65% no claims bonus and named drivers also earn a no claims bonus discount which can be transfered to other insurers if the need arises.